Joy in the Light


Awaiting the Light

This is just the beginning of the journey to where we all want to be one day.

Club hopping

Dub Stepping
Eddy threatening
It’s a good night.

Let it be the Fourth of July
because I’m breaking out
from this world’s deadly design.

Minnesota Nights.


In getting started with anything, the first thing to do is to trust in God.

via Daily Prompt: Simple

I want it now

I want it quick
If I wander too long  I might get sick.

I want it simple

I want it slick,

I want nothing more

than to be God’s pick.

Offer Sacrifices in

The right spirit,

the right mind

and trust in God!

trust in God!

trust in God!

with all your heart

so it’s all alright.

                                         Psalm 4:5