The Value

When You love someone, you don’t require

that secondary thrill

to bring one smiling

giggling to their knees,

in tears.

Ready to serve and love.


Whatever you have been through,

it doesn’t matter

because you are a child of God.

You are an overcomer.


You have no reason to fear the thunder

that cometh by night or day.

Lord help me to be free. Please.

Help me to do better.

Help me to be a better me.


I am a new Creation.


John 15:13

Greater love has no one than this, that

someone lay down his heart for his friends.


The Life of the Dead


The mountains are melting.

The lizards and lions lay

Dead. Others are still talking.

Stuck in this void

of enduring deficit.


Precious pets are left to burn.

Babies’ lungs are soaking wet.

They are still talking.

The real news is still



Piano keys, wound up harps, crooked clarinets;

Beats of breathe.

Wise words of life’s

Depths are chosen

to be unsaid.


But they are still talking!

Disturbed into fear of mentality

lost, I learnt to block them

out instead, clouded in

my thoughts.

The world is turning.

Soon we will all be

dead. One day, all won’t matter.

This he said or she said


Will be nothing

but echoes of lost lingering

Mortals stuck in this void

of enduring deficit:

The life of the dead.


Widowed to Restored Dreams

If I am ever arrested

for having sex in a parking lot

of a restricted area,

just know that I was

Looking for you

I would lay on my back

wishing the rain

was your moisture instead;

seeping through pores of ecstasy,

as I lick those soft coconuts

free of their warm sweet sweat.

If I am ever distracted

by dangling patterns in the sky,

while my blood boiling hot,

and I, still throbbing from behind.

Just know that I never focused on one thing

before my soul set sharp

on the thought of you.


If I am ever stimulated

by the smoke stealing dreams from my brain,

or teeth squeezing secrets through nipples

in hope for a commitment, or scarring stroke,

just know that I’ve rolled through valleys of pleasure;

my coaster hits its peaks in vain.

My drunken display was thirst in disguise

for a heart that was never full

from years in your eyes.

Just know that I’m still famished

from buffets of the fruitless;

craving to be intoxicated in you.


If I am ever merely fed

and it sounded like enjoyment

just know that it was never enough for me,

that I would beg you to join in.

I would nibble in hunger

for lips I pretend to kiss.

Just savoring what was missing.

I would cry afterwards and rename the moment

“wet dream”. I would moan and wish that the face in my eyelids

wasn’t just thoughts that decorate my head

till the end of my days, if I knew

but never had you,

But Jesus had it all. I should have known

He makes all things new.


*Proverbs 11:2-3

Proverbs 16:9  ” A man’s heart plans his way,

But the Lord directs His steps.”



When Wedding plans end.

Wow the golden angels will descend!

I can say this when I’m young again

So that when I’m old

I can say that I said:

“I’ve tasted a sea of lovers!”

but now I only have one soul

tying me to the grace of the beginning,

I’m not that old.


I was silver from the start,

why would I look for another

man’s gold?


Lingerie, saggy tits and demons

I saw things that made me feel

old yet ingenious:

The world is bloody and cold

and the wind pushes you to lean on.

Don’t trust yourself,

we hurt each other.

We are only human in this season.


I’ve done things

that would make my children

time travel and see

another woman struggling in the stream.

They will see blood

and broken pieces in those scenes

but they won’t see this

when they look at me.


They will learn what has preserved me through the ages.

They will learn how to go on their knees

and still be a queen.


They will learn that true royalty

lies in the Master’s seed.

“You are born for greatness.


Ignore the hurdles

and the need to impress.

Just give God your best


Proverbs 10:17