When Wedding plans end.

Wow the golden angels will descend!

I can say this when I’m young again

So that when I’m old

I can say that I said:

“I’ve tasted a sea of lovers!”

but now I only have one soul

tying me to the grace of the beginning,

I’m not that old.


I was silver from the start,

why would I look for another

man’s gold?


Lingerie, saggy tits and demons

I saw things that made me feel

old yet ingenious:

The world is bloody and cold

and the wind pushes you to lean on.

Don’t trust yourself,

we hurt each other.

We are only human in this season.


I’ve done things

that would make my children

time travel and see

another woman struggling in the stream.

They will see blood

and broken pieces in those scenes

but they won’t see this

when they look at me.


They will learn what has preserved me through the ages.

They will learn how to go on their knees

and still be a queen.


They will learn that true royalty

lies in the Master’s seed.

“You are born for greatness.


Ignore the hurdles

and the need to impress.

Just give God your best


Proverbs 10:17




Getting Help

“I need to clean out my

act and clean

up my bag.


I need to find more wisdom

even in a crowded place.


I need to be more



I need God.

I need peace.

I need to see the cross when I’m on my knees.


Father God,

I need Your peace,

I need Your hand,

I need Your increase.

I need You please!”

Rolls over and starts speeding in car,  as gas tank stays open.

Thank God, his last words were to God.


The Foreigner from a Distant Land

When you feel like a stranger on your own planet, in your own life.


I am a foreigner, from a distant land.
I speak your language but you don’t understand.
I have hands like yours, that are never praised
I have eyes like yours that can also gaze.
I know that you came from the land of my father
But then why can’t we accept each other?

It is sad you think that you are better
But if I am stupid, how did I write this letter?
My strength you use to beat your butter,
But whether I’m hungry or not, it doesn’t matter.

I know one day I am going to belong
That Is why I comfort myself with this bitter song.

It is hard to sleep when I hear the loud bang
From thoughts of my family members being forced to hang
You try to keep me on your little hook
Your ears burn when you hear me read a book.
You can take away my bread, and burn my clothes
But whatever you do, we will never be foes.
Being strong and running fast is something I’ve learnt
I’ve been chased like a dog betrayed by my own scent.
My only way to escape from your trigger
Is to hold my breath and cross that river
Restricted in life and even by who to love
Praying for the freedom you will never have
Soon, you will stop judging me by the colour of my hand

But until then I remain a foreigner from a distant land.

Exodus 9:1


In getting started with anything, the first thing to do is to trust in God.

via Daily Prompt: Simple

I want it now

I want it quick
If I wander too long  I might get sick.

I want it simple

I want it slick,

I want nothing more

than to be God’s pick.

Offer Sacrifices in

The right spirit,

the right mind

and trust in God!

trust in God!

trust in God!

with all your heart

so it’s all alright.

                                         Psalm 4:5