I remember that day, I heard the Spirit of God say, “It is time you wrote something to glorify My name.”

So I jumped on my computer, and just as I began navigating…. a birthday post pops out….. ??!!  wow… So then I felt obligated to wish this person whom I hanged with one time, a happy birthday. Shocks…. It didn’t even say it was his birthday on his profile, and I wasn’t allowed to post anything, so I facebook mailed…. Then I blanked out staring at some ad, then I was able to catch myself enough to remember that there was a paper due at 5, and I needed to head to the gym soon…. soaking heavily on worry and confusion, I lay there wondering where the days and the seconds had gone, ghost of ex boyfriends’ past, and if Trevor Noah would ever say my name… the entire thing…. mmm even darker thoughts. I didn’t feel myself distancing away from…. my quiet  time with God.

“It is time you wrote something to glorify My name.”  Wow… those words again lol. You see what Facebook can do to you ? when you are actually even looking, time likes to tiptoe behind you, especially when you are meant to be doing things for God, and exposing the devils tools to distract us. Yes, some things are made with good intentions, like the television, like sugar, like trees, human beings know how to mess things up, when they are given the right amount of demonic motivation…. friends?? family…..Our downfalls make us think that isolation from this world is what is required to be happy, but when we were distracted from God, even once, for the first time, like in the garden, when we lost sight, of what we were meant to be doing; living, to glorify His name. Instead, we became idols of ourselves, and slaves to sin, and then captives of the devil. But JESUS rewrote that script. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is God. He is Eternity.

Rebuke the devil whenever you are tried and tested, whenever you are tempted to be distracted and calculate into worthless things, like how many people like you, how many care, how many are thinking of you, when everyone is fighting their own problems…. troubles from sin…. who introduced sin? Who was in that tried to implant the seed of rebellion, the consequences of being deported from heaven, who else would try to trick us to kill ourselves with idols, with pain, with confusion, with envy, with drugs, with gossip, with rebellion, with intrusion, with lies, with trials and seclusion…. with premarital , homosexual and adulterous sex. “Sexuality was God’s idea in the first place; he not only understands it but knows the type of power it can wield over us. And He understands how it causes us to stumble again and again. God gets it” This is why many people have been afraid to serve God, because they have been under demonic influence and bondage for so long, but in the name of Jesus, any relationship, seducer, destoyer, anything holding you back from doing god’s work will be broken and scattered before you eyes. If a decision you are making, does not have God in between you and your desired goal, then it is probably the devil in the midst of things. “Go ahead, bite that apple!” And usually this demonic encouragement will come out of the mouths of friends and family… its rare that the devil would send strangers to entice you… Deceptive intrusion, and yet we go ahead and pursue goals like porn and prostitution, an example of demonic connections through strangers.We were once tied as man and woman, as man and God, as God and bride, then some slithering snake comes, and we are living our lives by dodging from knives.

Prayer is our weapon in this constant fight. But first before anything else, before Facebook, before twitter, before the announcements of the public situation, pay attention, you are different, you are alive in a dying world, you are covered by the blood of the only God. Thank Jesus, that you are no more separated by sin, because now you know the schemes and distractions of the enemy. It is 2017, and we are still alive. The church is alive. Thank Jesus. It is time you we all did something to glorify God. Be a faithful bride to Christ.

“Evil doers are snared by their own sin, but the righteous rejoice and are glad.”

-Proverbs 29:6.





Reviewing God is a Match Maker

Even in the ancient days, when Abraham sent out his servant to find a suitable wife for his son Isaac, there were certain standards of beauty that needed to be fulfilled, even in a desert.  On my case study, God is a Matchmaker, Derek Prince reveals how God has a plan for us, and the people we are meant to spend the rest of our lives with.

Before any of us embarks on the unending journey of marriage, it is important to remember that as Christians, God has created us to be the salt and light of this Earth, and so we should act as such; by bringing flavor and spreading the light of the Holy Spirit amongst those living in darkness. Consequently, we are commanded not to be yoked together with unbelievers, (2 Cor. 6:14-15). Today we live in a society where everyone is too thirsty trying to quench their worldly wants and desires: sex, drugs, money, family, pets and cars. It’s all a roaring demand of wishes that keeps overwhelming us until we finally realize that, all our wants and needs are insatiable, but yet, the truth of our main purpose in life remains hidden and clouded in our thirst to be “happy”.
So often we search for new forms of excitement and fruitless trends, we lose sight of the fact that we’ve always had enough, and that is God.

The woman at the well was married 4 times but was still lonely and incomplete, because in life we need God to make us whole. No one is seriously praying for a young man or woman with too many stress wrinkles, stretch marks and barely any hair.
No! Everyone wants the best for themselves, just like when God preserves the better for His children: those who love and serve Him. Same way, God is not going to present you to any potential life partner when you still haven’t cleaned up your act, the cobwebs and your weaknesses. So let’s thank God when He spares you from receiving the same headache also. There are several chapters in life that a man and a woman have to experience before actually being strongly prepared for marriage.
Yes girls. It takes more than a face full of paint and a pretty dress to prepare anyone’s mind and soul for the blessing of bonding that is about to take place.

A drunkard and his naive mistress, a workaholic and his teenage wife, a priest and his sister. Only God can predict what effect any of these combinations could have. And yet these scenarios all exist. Imagine if any of these three parties came together in an effort to co-exist; a marriage. If It is said that children are the fruits of marriage, imagine how sinfully rooted the offspring of these marriages will be. Marriages or even conception that is built on any sinfully shaky foundation, usually leads to homes of neglect, rape, abuse or even madness.  If only this fallen world had a more clear-cut distinction between marriage and holy matrimony. It seems like everyone is finding some form of convenience by getting married these days.

Everyone, regardless of who we are, desires to have a deep intimate connection with something or someone. At the end of the day, we all want to belong, and find a stable place in this puzzle we call life. Either it is the girl in the choir who sings and jumps around joyfully, and as a result is able to shed off weights of boredom and burden, or the sassy stripper who chooses to exploit her beauty and sexuality while men gag lustfully over her flexibility. Keep in mind that both of these women are in extraordinarily great shape, and are probably blessed with good genes and assets. So who do you think God smiles on the most? Which of these women are bearing enough fruit to prepare themselves toward completion for holy matrimony?

Most great blessings usually manifest from small responsibilities. Remember when Isaac blessed Jacob greatly for serving him a pot of soup? Similarly, God is also watching our little acts of service to Him. This is how we inherit great gifts and blessings from Him. God needs to know that you can be faithful and able to keep His Kingdom in shape, so He can also bless you with a dwelling place of your own.
In Derek Prince’s words, “ I found myself surrounded by barrenness, both natural and spiritual. My one unfailing source of strength was my Bible, which I read through several times. But in spite of the barrenness all around, I felt that God was beginning to work out His plan in my life… (p.27)”  I agree with Dr. Pierce, sometimes a place of isolation and trials like the desert can bring you closer to God in a way that will baffle any human mind. It is more rewarding to invest in the heavens when going through the pains of a long and dry waiting period. Like most great men of God, our breakthroughs in life usually manifest after we conquer the desert period. These are the actions that lead to a successful marriage.

Pray, understand what a godly marriage is, and reflect on yourselves in the spirit before embarking on this journey. Even before Derek Prince intended to marry his second wife Ruth, he had to confide in his friends, a small community of preachers, before he was able to determine if God was approving of his relationship with Ruth. After the death of Lydia, Derek’s first wife, the revelation of who Derek’s second life partner was very profound and prophetic. Even as prophet, after Derek had seen his potential wife in his dreams and then in person, he still had to seek some form of godly council from other servants of God before he could finally decide if this marriage was in line with what God had destined for his life.

Finally Derek Prince reminds us to be “rest assured, then: Obedience to God’s word will keep you in the path that leads to the  marriage He has planned for you (p.77)”. In order to be prepared for marriage, one must have dedicated his or her life to serving and loving God. Even though God had already prophetically revealed the identity of his new wife to Derek Prince, he still knew that there was some work to be done before establishing any actions towards his prophecy. It is through these steps that we will randomly yet divinely bump into our future spouses. Derek Prince provided a few steps to describe the journey that leads to holy matrimony. And it all starts with:

  1. Obeying God’s word – As long as we practice obedience to God’s word in every situation, we will never stray from the path He has appointed for us. “Your light is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” (Psalm 119.:105)


  1. Walking in fellowship – Obedience to God naturally brings Christians together and enables them to relate to one another. If there is something you feel pushed to do in God’s house, it is best to do it earlier than later in order to move in line with your destiny through your blessings. Fellowship with other believers is essential to success and progress in the Christian life. The opposite is also true. “ But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another.” (1John 1:7)


  1. Being led by the Spirit – “Those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God” (Romans 8:14). Many Christians who are born again in the Holy Spirit, have never learn to be led by Him. Consequently they never grow to true spiritual maturity, or find God’s fullest plan for their lives.


  1. Guarding your heart – Be continually watchful, first of all, concerning what you allow into your heart. With the knowledge that in our contemporary culture, young people in particular are constantly bombarded by images and influences that undermine the biblical standards of sex and marriage (p.83). “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” (Proverbs 4:23).


  1. Waiting! – “Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him” (Isaiah 64:4). Be prepared to wait! And psych yourself up to enjoy it. God acts on behalf of those who wait for Him. This is one of those areas in which each of us have experienced or are yet to experience the great matchmaker that God is. If He unites us quickly with our appointed mates, then we praise Him. If He requires us to wait, we should praise him just the same. God deals with each of us according to His knowledge of us, and according to His special plan for each life.


  1. Seeking Godly counsel – A friend of mine once told me that love and marriage was like building a sky scraper. The deeper and stronger the foundation, the higher the building will go. It is very important for any couple to seek the right form of counseling and blessing from parents or guardians, before getting married. “The way of truth seem right to them, but the wise listen to advice”( Proverbs 12:15). “ A fool spurns a parent’s discipline , but whoever heeds correction shows prudence”(Proverbs 15:5). This is when one should consult the wisdom of God through reading the Bible and by talking to men of God. It is also a mark of wisdom and humility to seek counsel from older people who have achieved success in the areas of life where you need guidance (p.86).


  1. Seeking God’s favor – “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord” (Proverbs 18:22). If you want the Lord to give you the kind of mate you need, there is one thing you must do above all things: You must diligently cultivate the Lord’s favor, and seek Him. The Father’s satisfaction must be your highest ambition. Even King Saul stumbled on his anointing to be king by searching out for his father’s donkeys. You might never be able find the right man or woman by going hunting, but when we put our Father’s needs first, everything else, including our pleasures, becomes available to us.


It is obvious, one has to be a Proverbs 31 man or woman before he or her can even meet “the one”.  Some of you might disagree, but hear me out. As Prophet Gideon defines, a weed is any plant or photosynthesizing organism that has no clearly found purpose. It still exists, it transforms sunlight and carbon dioxide, it is probably even the cure for many serious world threatening diseases, but because and until some confused scientist in Moscow uncovers this world-changing secret, it will always be stepped on and known as a useless weed; a tiny tree that has been cursed by achieving nothing, and so withers away fruitlessly with no honor or memory.
A weed.
This is how most Christians appear spiritually and physically in this world until their true God given purpose is revealed to them. Have you discovered your God-given purpose? And if so, do you know that fulfilling that purpose will naturally result in you bearing the spiritual and physical fruit that you need to become whole? Do you know It is only when God has made you whole and complete in the Spirit that one can confidently walk towards a life of marriage without doubt or fear?…
Until then, you’re wasting your time living as a weed that would bear no fruit for any man or woman.

Beloved, you need to start by bearing fruit for God. As Derek Prince says, “We might not be able to see the path that Christianity is taking us, but we can rest assured that in God’s time, it will bring us out to the fulfillment of His plan for our lives. ” As long as we make it a point to seek His divine favor.

Love…Eating Away at Me.

I like this guy… we should pay close attention to whatever he’s ranting about 🙂

The Rants of a Ghanaian!

Love tears away at my heart and it leaves it bloody and raw
It knocks at my door but there’s a shotgun waiting behind that rickety door.
Too often has it opened but never has it stayed shut.

Happiness never stays
Happiness doesn’t appreciate my presence
It doesn’t want to see my face anymore…and it shows;
from one bonfire to the next,
my bums know no peace.

Am I ‘destined’ not to find rest in the warmth of an embrace?

My heart bleeds nothing anymore.
What more to shed when the ground has drunk 7 times its fill of my happiness?
What more to give when there’s only one bullet left in this rusty shotgun?
For the intruder or for my heart?

A fated adventure burning on the ground
Our plans barely made…
but here it is smoldering into the untethered future.

There are no phoenixes here…only isles of flightless…

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Forgiveness meets Time


Grit needs grace.
Offended they are
when they deal with reality and seasons.

Disgusted it seems
when they try to carve human beings. 
We all deal with daily battles
of poison and temptation.
We are trying to heal ourselves 
from broken love and sensations 
when we are bleeding in the

We need to distance from ourselves.
Sow seeds for God first.
Disappointed they have been
with no doubt,
but we can be different.

We can keep our minds and heads centred north,
then we will reap seas like it's our season!


Everything makes sense!

The blocks, the breaks, the longer

time it takes when you are just burning incense . 

When we are already dead
we look for a quicker way 
to die in the flesh.

We are thirsty, we are drinking 
acid like water dispensers.
We are finding practice in the sheets
in just another one of the end days.

Ice is melting in Kentucky
We've known for ages.
Time has woken up 
and the cluck should turn your pages.

It's time to fight in the beginning of 
you prayers.

But it's morning in a new day.

You're breathing, sing!

Don't forget to say grace.