The Life of the Dead


The mountains are melting.

The lizards and lions lay

Dead. Others are still talking.

Stuck in this void

of enduring deficit.


Precious pets are left to burn.

Babies’ lungs are soaking wet.

They are still talking.

The real news is still



Piano keys, wound up harps, crooked clarinets;

Beats of breathe.

Wise words of life’s

Depths are chosen

to be unsaid.


But they are still talking!

Disturbed into fear of mentality

lost, I learnt to block them

out instead, clouded in

my thoughts.

The world is turning.

Soon we will all be

dead. One day, all won’t matter.

This he said or she said


Will be nothing

but echoes of lost lingering

Mortals stuck in this void

of enduring deficit:

The life of the dead.


Author: enoefia

This is my journey to become the Proverbs 31 woman that God wants me to be. I know by grace it is achievable. I am not perfect, but hopefully, other people can reflect and relate to the moments that captivate us anytime our destinies are steered by our souls and choices.

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