To be tamed

My blood is clean and they have stolen the lights.
My blood is hot and there’s nothing
To light
My love is sweet, he cooks for me to eat. How sweet. Palm oil on spaghetti

yet I’m grinding on my teeth.

The food is hot, I. Cannot eat, I want more

but the rain is pouring and my blood is hot. Oh help me God.

It’ s only God. If only God could quench me of my thirst. Turn these stones to bread. If only God could make my lips wet, for I’m lusting for dirt. Only God can make it rain and still control my sweat. I can’t explain my thirst to misbehave; but I know when it rains only God can take me through this test.

The lust of my flesh will be tamed.

Matthew 17:18

Author: enoefia

This is my journey to become the Proverbs 31 woman that God wants me to be. I know by grace it is achievable. I am not perfect, but hopefully, other people can reflect and relate to the moments that captivate us anytime our destinies are steered by our souls and choices.

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